Improving Customers' Experience

Are you thinking outside the box?

When times are hard, customers are likely to be less forgiving of a poor service experience and more discerning in their purchase decisions as they try to make hard earned cash go further. Stay ahead of the competition by ensuring:

  1. Your team members know the basics and have a clear understanding of what it takes to create and keep customers.
  2. Customer contact moments are properly identified, managed and consistently delivered by all.
  3. You reward your people for providing excellence and giving them incentives to go the extra mile.

Our approach is to:

  • clarify your customers’ journey
  • research what customers would like you to do more of
  • fix things that aren’t working for them
  • set operational standards and ‘agreed ways of working’
  • build appropriate measures to track success
  • develop skills and behaviours of the teams and managers
  • implement, coach and overcome internal communication barriers
  • develop systems that reward success

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